Holiday – Day 11 – Lake Aviemore, Lake Ohau

The day starts out lovely, I walked down to the lake from our camping spot and discovered this lovely bay, I should have gone swimming right then and there (as the weather is supposed to deteriorate), but I didn’t

We drive around Lake Aviemore and stop at the Aviemore Substation to have a look

They have these water stairs here so the fish (trout?) can swim upstream

What an awful lot of power, I’m talking about the Jimny of course

On the southern shore of Lake Aviemore we find this fantastic little bay, unfortunately the sun has pretty much disappeared by now

But that doesn’t stop us from having a swim

Our plan for today was to end up at Monument Hut, which requires some 4WD’ing, unfortunately because of the recent rain and especially the rain falling down at the time the track had become rather muddy and the poor Jimny got stuck in the mud, luckily a car coming in the opposite direction was able to pull the Jimny out of the mud, I was very glad I always bring the recovery gear, this was the second time ever I needed someone to help with a stuck Jimny

We decide not to take the risk of continuing the track to the hut and instead turned around, so that if we would get stuck again we’d still have the help of the white car available but it turned out not to be necessary

It was really just the very part that we couldn’t get through, too slippery. I need other tyres, once the current ones are worn down enough I’ll get some proper 4WD tyres with more grip

It’s not that we didn’t try!

We ended up at the Round Bush Campsite, another place we’d been before

What miserable weather ;-(


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  1. We have a great spot at lake Aviemore.
    Thanks goodness for Paul, our Toyota Hilux driving saviour.

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