Holiday – Day 13 – More Lakes

This has to be one of the best camping spots in NZ

We explore a bit in the area

Lots of these plants here

Morgans Island, I’ve got to kayak there some time

Interesting skies

Beautiful area

Whilst driving around we get to this place, we want to go left, see what’s up there, but hold on, there’s a sign!

Ok, clearly this sign means you can’t go past this (locked anyway) fence, right?

Surely it’s not meant for this road, or they would have put in perpendicular to that road and preferrably to the left of the road?

Well, the road lea to this fish farm and we were told off for driving on a road we were not allowed to drive on, as per the sign. Kiwis and signs… it’s a bad combination, always open to interpretation,never clear

And where I was able to drive this road towards Lake Tekapo in earlier years that too is now forbidden, more and more and more restrictions, if it isn’t farmers closing everything off it’s power companies, not good

On the west side of Lake Tekapo, looking back to Lake Tekapo (the village that goes by the same name as the lake)

Looking east towards the Two Thumbs Range

A friendly sign by a farmer, they are so nice

About as far north as we could go on this side of Lake Tekapo

Cass River

We ended up at Lake McGregor, it looks cold and it is cold, very strong wind too

Lake Alexandrina, way less wind here

Strange combination here of old run down batches and flash new ones like this one

Because of some fire hazard we can’t cook at our tent, we must cook here, which is as good as impossible because of the wind that comes from all directions, last time we’ll camp here, that’s for sure


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