Great Taste Trail – Day 3

I awake at sunrise to this awesome view just south of Kaiteriteri

Luckily no complaints from the house behind me about that nasty freedom camper

Raumanuka and Motueka Sandspit Scenic Reserve, not even 08:00 in the morning and I’m already cycling!

Motueka Golf Club

Such a beautiful morning, what a fantastic trail

An arty table

And if you turn to your right from where the previous photo was taken you see the Janie Seddon Shipwreck

Motueka is amazing, very hospitable!

Must be good fun sailing here

This is cool too! The Motueka Saltwater Baths

A swimming pool – unsupervised, so without those pesky life guards that ruin a visit to any regular pool – right on the beach! What an awesome idea

This is the hardest part of the trail today, it just keeps going up, sometimes quite steep

They even warn you that it’s Grade 3 here

Luckily at the highest point there’s a shaded rest area

And me

Blistering Bollocks and Bouncy Bits, LOL

Funny letterbox

Art along the Aporo Rd

And the Jester House, I’ve been here before

It’s quite quiet on the trail so far

Ruby Bay

People enjoying the water

Shouldn’t be too long to Māpua now, I can’t wait as I haven’t had any breakfast yet but have covered 39 km already

This reminded me of some album cover but I forgot which one. Something with Bob Dylan?

Yes! Māpua, a chance to get some food. What a lovely place this is!

First a very unflattering photo of me eating an ice cream

Mains! Fries and burger, of course with a healthy dose of aoli

After I finished my burger I checked my watch and noticed I had exactly 1 minute to make it to the ferry, luckily I made it in the nick of time

The ferry pretty much turns 180 degrees and there’s the destination already: Rabbit Island

The entire crossing took maybe 3 minutes?

Lovely smell of pines here

The (only) road out of Rabbit Island (it’s closed off at night)

Birds near Rabbit Island Bridge

This is all part of the Waimea Inlet

And the trail meanders through it

Back in Nelson

“Enjoy the Ride”, thanks, I definitely did

Kinetic sculpture by Phil Price, I’m normally not a fan of art but this thing (that is constantly moving) I like

And I’m back at the start/finish! I’ve made it. Woohoo! I did 77 km today, making it a total of 224 km that I cycled in 3 days!

Map of today


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  1. Nice. Would you say someone like me (who only did the little river trails) can do this in 3 days with the help of a city e-bike? Which means I need to stay at somewhere with power…ugh
    (my blog is broken, so ignore it for now)

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