Holiday – Day 8 – Lake Dunstan Trail

Our default camping spot at Lake Dunstan, been her often

Cromwell, here we have the puncture in the Jimny tyre repaired, again!

I decide to cycle the Lake Dunstan Trail while Rachel visits the local pool. This is just past the quarry on the southern side of Lake Dunstan

The trail goes over the property of the Carrick Winery & Restaurant, no doubt it attracts some customers

I’m now past Cornish Point and things are going fine, except for the fact that my rear tyre seems to be slowly deflating, luckily I brought my hand pump

The trail can be cycled in both directions, I’m going Cromwell to Clyde, only occasionally is there oncoming traffic, like here

They put a lot of effort into making the track possible along the south side of the lake

The only real steep bit in the track, I’m was overtaken left and right but that was by cheaters: people with electric bicycles, they don’t count

Nice views getting higher up the mountain

Cromwell Clyde Road on the other side of the lake

View from the viewpoint, my cap is out of shape

Another view in the direction of Cromwell

It’s mostly downhill from here, about 20 km left to go, that’s maybe an hour more

The views are still great but my read tyre isn’t, I’ve had to inflate it 5 times now in the past hour, that doesn’t bode well

Nice day for water skiing

Hugo Bridge, this is where I spent an hour trying to fix the leak in my rear tube but it was impossible, I still don’t know what the problem was with that tube but ONLY when it was IN the tyre would it deflate, NOT when outside of the tyre, making finding the leak undoable. Extremely frustrating experience. It meant I had to WALK the remaining 20 km or so to Clyde. Not much fun. 🙁

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